Criminal defence lawyer representing clients in Nova Scotia

Picture of Zeb Brown I have been advising businesses, governments and individuals since 2002 as litigation counsel in a wide range of administrative law, civil litigation, and criminal and regulatory offence matters. Since relocating to Nova Scotia in 2013, I have practiced criminal defence law almost exclusively in a wide range of matters from shoplifting to murder, at every level of court, thoughout the province. I have extensive experience as trial counsel and in appeal courts on both sides of the country.

I am a current member of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society and a past member of the bars of British Columbia and Yukon. My legal studies were carried out at the University of Toronto (LLB). I also completed degrees in computer science (University of Toronto, B.Sc.) and philosophy (McGill University, B.A.).

I am a sole practitioner and I emphasize practicality, efficient use of technology, informality, personal attention, and sensitivity and responsiveness to the predicament that confronts each of my clients.